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Teri Murfitt

Teri Murfitt is the owner of Encompass Health Clinic who specialises in natural health, utilising international technologies, therapies, and products to help children and adults regain health, vitality, and joy.

The amazing effectiveness and efficiency of Teri’s programs are the result of her common-sense approach, holistic viewpoint, and ever-expanding knowledge of groundbreaking natural medicine. Her diverse knowledge base and genuine passion for touching lives has made her a highly sought-after nutritional expert in the area of health and natural wellness.

Teri has created a life which has allowed her to intimately explore all facets of health and wellbeing. Her education and experiences span the entire breadth of wellness, including physical, mental, spiritual and family wellbeing. She passionately infuses her unique array of experiences, knowledge, and wisdom into natural healing therapies, and its growing lifefood nutritional community.

Teri believes that as life gets increasingly busy and our world becomes sadly more toxic, it becomes even more critical to nurture our bodies with real foods. Teri has spent much of the past thirty years studying food and nutrition. Over the years Teri has transitioned from every diet imaginable to a lifefood diet today. Teri has spent countless hours (or more!!!) researching the latest information about healthy foods, how to source them, how to prepare them, and how to enjoy them on your path to vibrant health.

Our Commitment

Healthy Family

Our commitment is to help families create a healthy lifestyle. Our focus is on the health of your entire family…from the wee ones to the wise ones.

We define a healthy life as experiencing…

  • Physical Vitality
  • Emotional Wellbeing
  • Rewarding Relationships
  • Financial Wellbeing

My Story

Life began for me in a small country town living in a strict catholic family with two older brothers – THAT was the beginning of my life journey which has encompassed many heartfelt experiences and lessons about where I am today.

My love of animals started young and I spent the best part of twenty-five years working with horses. At the time I was unaware of the impact they would have on my life. Sadly due to a severe drought and unforseen circumstances, all of my beloved horses were taken from my life at the age of twenty-nine years. The many years of discipline involved in training and caring for my horses has given me the compassion and intuition that I feel today for humans and animals alike. My core philosophy is to live life with integrity and to always have an open heart.

Shortly after this experience I moved to a city with my two small children to find a new path in life for us. Being a single parent presented many challenges, both emotional and financial for my next phase of life.

My journey with health awareness began for me while observing my son’s declining health, due in no small part to the conventional medication he had been prescribed for severe episodes of asthma. Then after losing my dad to cancer, the sudden loss of my two nephews and a list of ailments and conditions concerning my own health, I decided to embark on a health focused career, which I spent the next fifteen years developing. During this time I also attained the qualifications of Massage/Bowen/Cranio-Sacral and Beauty Therapist, plus many other modalities along the way, which guided and inspired me to open my own home based health business.

In my business I was constantly being approached for alternative health advice which motivated me to pursue yet another career path of Homeopathy which I completed. My research and study over the past twenty five years has prompted me to develop a website so that I may reach more people and offer quality products, information and consultations. All these modalities now encompass a single goal – “to promote health rather than treat disease”.

I would have to say that my two passions in life are undeniably centred on creating healthy living food and the protection of animals. My knowledge and intuitive love for good food is always appreciated by family, friends and clients whenever I have the time to create new delights in my kitchen.

I have become a staunch advocate of raw food over the past few years, and I am now totally aware of the benefits it provides. I now realise that anyone can choose superior food choices to serve their health if they are given the right guidance to gently transition to the next level. This I believe is the secret to permanent change. I am always creating something that is both simple and easy to prepare knowing that time is precious to everyone. I believe that if you can initially make incremental changes to your food choices and build on these over a period of time, the difference this can make to your lifestyle choices will greatly serve your health and well being as I believe “nothing tastes as good as feeling healthy”.

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