Feeling stuck and frustrated with your Health?


Find out how to make your HEALING and HEALTH work for you so you can easily get the level of health you want, even while you sleep…

• You dream of waking up with more energy and feeling better each day
• You’re disappointed with many diets and health advice
• You’re worried about the long-term effects of therapies
• You’ve tried to heal naturally but progress escapes you
• You don’t know what else to do


You’re in the right place…


But right now, you might be feeling overwhelmed, STUCK and frustrated trying to get the right information to help support you break your habits and patterns. Emotional and physical well-being are interconnected, and we find that for many of our clients, once they receive some new tools to handle stress more effectively, their healing progresses much more rapidly.


Our in house and private phone consultations can help you overcome your roadblocks and will also offer you practical tools that you can immediately use to create a life that is obtainable and continually rewarding.


I know what you’re going through, and you’re not alone! I help people like you get awesome results with my Health Coaching Programs.


I’d love to help you get started with a practical insight on how to achieve your health goals. Together, we will explore your biggest challenges and what could be stopping you from getting the freedom and healing that you want and deserve. You will gain the best health recommendations and illness prevention information out there today.


I will help you clarify your vision for your health and set you in motion with specific steps to meet your goals naturally.


The specific things Teri can coach you on or answer specific questions on are as follows:


• Plant based diets
• Fitness
• Healthy living
• Healing physical/mental health issues
• Spiritual Healing
• Healing naturally
• Supplementation
• And lots more…………………..

Would you like specific health Coaching from Teri Murfitt or would you like to ask her Questions? Please apply now if you are serious about dramatically increasing your healing and your health.


To schedule a Food & Life Coaching Session, either by phone or in person, please contact us on 03 97206234 or info@encompasshealthclinic.com.au.

– 60 Minute Coaching session via Skype/Phone

– 30 Minute Coaching session via Skype/Phone

– 15 Minute Follow up Question and Answer via Skype/Phone/Email

– IN PERSON Coaching……