Health can be simple. A little bit of common sense goes a long way. We are born to be healthy. There are only 3 major reasons why we lose our health:

  1. We have too much of what our body doesn’t want (bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, unhealthy foods, yeasts, chemicals, etc…).
  2. We don’t have enough of what it needs(vitamins, minerals, healthy oils, water, rest, movement).
  3. Stress! (physical, emotional, or environmental).

Common sense tells us that the path to regaining health is to reverse these 3 factors.  Our services are geared to help you detoxify and clean out your system, nourish and strengthen you body,  and help you more effectively adapt to stress.  Instead of chasing or masking symptoms, our goal is to get to the source of where your body is overwhelmed, helping you find the missing piece to solving your health puzzle.  We call it Defying Your DNA. When we support your body at this level, you or your child can experience gains in health that are dramatic and sustainable.