Highly effective cleansing procedure

Mud Packing. Our signature cation mud packing sessions are a key, highly effective cleansing procedure that helps to eliminate congested, stagnated meridians and their undesirable, depolarizing body reflexes.


In this session, your QRA practitioner will test and identify key interference fields (IF) that need to be addressed. Cation packs will be applied to your specific IF areas to promote outstanding agents (including botanicals, unheated volcanic lay, peat magma, shilajit and other botanicals). This mudpack is one of the most revolutionary cleansing packs for 21st century!

Medi-Foot Bath

Depending on your specific needs, your practitioner may recommend the Medi-Blast as part of your individualised Encompass experience. The Medi-Bath is a cleansing foot bath with invigorating premier botanicals and minerals that is used after cation packing to assist in downloading released toxins.


You will also receive our Bioptron Light Facial Therapy with this bath to oxygenate the blood and tissues, allowing the polarised light to stimulate the cells to regenerate faster, supporting healthier skin. This bath is followed by a nourishing and soothing application of a pedi moisturiser.

Kidney & Liver/Gallbladder Cleanse

A highly effective cleansing procedure that helps to eliminate congested, stagnated toxins that are constantly building up in our kidneys and liver. This is an amazing cleanse, preferably doing one at a time due to the toxins that are being released from these areas.


The treatment involves, checking downloads first and then packing kidneys or liver areas, incorporated with an Infrared heat pack to absorb all the toxins. This is then followed by a Castor Oil pack for 30min and a Medi-Foot Bath to complete session.

Core Castor Oil Packs

Castor Oil packs were the cleansing secret of the ancients! Your practitioner may recommend Core Castor Oil Packs as a part of your cleansing sessions to help promote a total rejuvenation response.


Each Castor Oil Pack is made with layers of organic cotton saturated with our signature Indian castor oil, then placed on the abdominal area of the body for other target areas) with our Biobelt thermal pad. Its smoothing, rejuvenating effects will leave you feeling refreshed!

Mud Packing FAQ

Why does the body develop weak areas and interference fields?

A key reason why the body has developed weakened areas that create abnormal reflexes to other parts of the body is due to insufficient quality and quantity of nutrients at the time of the trauma or injury. Premier quality nutrients are essential for the body to heal itself, especially during times of trauma. If the body does not have enough nutrients available at the time of the trauma or injury, then the area can become weakened.


Once an area of the body has become weakened, it is more likely for toxic chemicals or metabolic toxins to accumulate there. In addition, these toxins can block key pathways in the body, such as particular organs and glands. Now more than ever, we need a simple yet elegant way to keep our bodies detoxified.

How can we easily detoxify ourselves?

By using the secret of the ancients, therapeutic body packs made from highly detoxifying, grade 10 clays, moor mud with special herbs simply applied on the outside of the body to troublesome sites, but first clearing the key download sites of the body.


This simple but highly effective approach had helped hundreds of patients and when used properly, it has worked quickly and without complications.

Is there any research on these muds and clays?

Yes. There is an enormous amount of research, over 840 worldwide clinical research studies are available on PubMed alone, which proves how extraordinarily effective these mud packs are and how they work quickly, safely and effectively.


Mud packs can quickly eliminate years of bio-accumulated toxins that impair nerve, lymphatic and the body’s energy flow (called “chi”). These accumulated toxins are known to delay healing or in many cases, prevent it altogether.

What is so special about Medi-Body Packs?

Medi-Body Packs Combine various unique earth substances to create an unusually strong synergy with a maximum cation binding capacity:

High cell resonance, unheated volcanic clay and unheated kaolin clay, rich in naturally occurring beneficial minerals and rare earths with high detoxification capacity – guaranteed toxin free.


Shilajit, a natural mineral resin from high mountainous areas of India, rich in key detoxifying organic acids.


Peat magma, a carbon matrix humate, rich in humic and fulvic acids, deliveringcritical nutrients to help the body heal itself.


These ingredients have been time proven over thousands of years by ancient healers and were used in many cultures. Medi-Body Pack goes a step further, however, to help the body download chemicals and plastics never seen on the earth in ancient times.
Medi-Body Pack also delivers a full spectrum of synergistic botanical agents: South American saussurea, European bilberry, skullcap, French maritime pine bark, Ndian cardamom, fermented mycelial maitake extract, European beta sitosterol, wild blue green algae, grade A Japanese sunlit-grown chlorella (broken cell wall process), grade 10 Indian noni, Indian turmeric and more.


All these premier nutrients have been clinically tested to achieve the most rapid shift of tissue detoxification. Each of the ingredients is exquisitely well-grown and free of toxic tagalongs. When they are combined together, their effect is far greater than the sum of their individual benefits.


Mud packs can quickly eliminate years of bio-accumulated toxins that impair nerve, lymphatic and the body’s energy flow (called “chi”). These accumulated toxins are known to delay healing or in many cases, prevent it altogether.

How does the Medi-Body Pack work?

As mentioned earlier, we all live in an era where everyone is now exposed to many toxic elements – in the air we breathe, in our food and water, in common cleaning products and body care products. Whatever you put on your skin,you are actually eating because it can be absorbed internally and go into systemic circulation.


Consequently, for most people, the connective tissue of their bodies has become saturated with many toxic chemical residues that have gradually deposited there over time. Proof of this was shown in an EPA study where 100% of tested subjects had accumulated toxic chemicals in their fat tissue, such as dioxins and pesticides. These stored toxins can act to disrupt normal body physiology and function.


To detoxify these chemicals, natural, highly charged clays, shilajit, humates and detoxifying herbs have been brought together for the first time in the same product. Centuries proven therapies from all over the earth have come together to make PRL’s clinically proven Medi-Body Pack. The natural detoxifiers in the Medi-Body Pack Are highly negatively charged. Toxic, synthetic chemicals are positively charged.


When the wetted mixture of the Medi-Body Pack Is applied to your skin, an osmotic pulling effect occurs where the positively charged ions of the chemical toxins are attracted to the negatively charged ions of the natural clays, acting to draw them out of the body. After massaging the mixture into the target area, you then simply wash off the spent detoxifying mixture.

Can these mud packs trigger a wholesale toxin release?

Yes, in certain cases, even single ingredients of the Medi-Body Pack have been shown to eliminate up to 50% of the local bioaccumulation of toxic elements in a just one application.

Can these mud packs help scars?

Yes. Acupuncturists and naturopaths have been concerned about re-establishing normal energy flow through traumatized areas especially scar areas. Many acupuncturists tell us that the mud packs work better than any technique that they have seen so far to quickly and permanently eliminate scar interference fields and quickly re-establish the normal energy flow through the scar, which is critical for best organ and gland function, since many of the scars can reflex to organs and glands and slow down or impede their optimal functioning.

Why aren’t more doctors using Medi-Body Pack for their patients?

The main reason the magnificent mud pack detoxification therapies of the past using therapeutic clays and moor mud, are so little used today may be the lack of therapeutic grade, premium quality ingredients, especially high-cation exchange clays.


In fact, some clay’s we tested actually contained toxic ingredients. Other clays were highly heated (which kills its naturally high cellular resonance and ability to actively detoxify) and some were irradiated (literally “dead” in its therapeutic activity).


With the Medi-Body Pack, you are guaranteed non-toxic, super-potent moor mud and rare, detoxifying clays (unheated, not irradiated or tampered with in any way) with world-class synergistic botanical ingredients, guaranteed pure and highly effective.


After using Medi-Body Packs with hundreds of patients, many practitioners have learned firsthand that the chronically ill patient routinely has their meridian channels and connective tissue saturated with toxins, which stagnates the flow of their nerve, lymphatic and energy systems, as well as preventing adequate uptake of vital nutrients, especially needed in deficient organs and glands.


Oral supplements often have little effect on most of these bio-accumulated toxins, because these areas are “locked out” (i.e. harbouring a toxic build-up, unseen by naked eye but nonetheless choking off the area), so it is difficult to get the nutrients into the most needed areas. Altogether, this scenario prevents their return to great health.


However, after using the Medi-Body Packs, we often see dramatic clinical results because the toxic, stagnated areas can be quickly cleared, thus allowing the free flow of bioenergy into the area again, so the body can once again begin healing itself.


These areas of hidden body toxicity are one of the most overlooked factors that prevent the body from healing. And how unfortunate for so much suffering individuals, since it is relatively simple and fast to detoxify these areas with the Packs.

Why do I need to detoxify the 4 Download Areas (my feet and hands) when they don’t bother me?

The 4 download areas (the feet and hands) are saturated with highly active acupuncture points and act as key, highly charged, bio-electrical circuits to help draw out the toxins lodged elsewhere in the body. Through clinical experience, we have found that these 4 key download areas are critical in helping to pull out the systemic toxins that have accumulated at other areas in the body.


Before using the 4 download areas, we had varied clinical success. Now, by first detoxifying the 4 download areas before proceeding to other target areas, we have achieved consistently excellent results.

How do you know when a target body site has been detoxified?

Your practitioner can test you using QRA(Quantum Reflex Analysis) muscle testing to determine if an area has been cleared and now tests strong. In general, if an area tests strong with QRA, then the area is considered to be clear.

After my first Medi-Body Pack, I felt more tired than usual the following day. Did I do something wrong?

Not necessarily. When the body is undergoing detoxification and deep-seated tissue repair, it is not unusual to feel tired for a short period of time. This is your body’s signal telling you to rest more during this time. In addition, be sure that you support your body’s healing capacity with premier quality nutrients.


Without sufficient amounts of quality nutrients, the body is unable to adequately repair and regenerate itself. Also, do not forget to do the Medi-Blast procedure after the Medi-Body Pack, because it provides excellent help in pulling out toxins that have been released. (Toxins that have not been completely eliminated often make you feel very tired.)

Why is the Medi-Blast foot bath recommended after doing the Medi-Body Packs?

The Medi-Blast is a simple foot bath for 15-20 minutes after using the Medi-Body Pack using highly ionically charged crystalline minerals, peat magma and other detoxifiers to replace badly needed electrolytes and to help clear toxins released from the Medi-Body Pack. The Medi-Blast helps you sail through the detox procedure easily with few or no detox symptoms.