Proponents of ozone sauna therapy widely espouse the benefits of ozone therapy as a detoxification protocol for the human body. However, this perspective is only half true. Ozone sauna therapy acts directly and as a catalyst that causes the body to begin to dump toxic waste accumulated in the body. It does not, however, assist the body in its actual process of elimination, once a treatment session is over. With regular, daily therapy, a great deal of stress is placed upon the body’s lymphatic system and elimination system, including the liver, the colon and the skin.

While activated oxygen does directly break down toxic chemicals, bacteria, virii, etc., it is still true that successful therapy is completely dependent upon the body’s ability to continuously eliminate the toxic burden, while at the same time preventing oxidative stress in the body.

The effects of ozone sauna therapy are cumulative, and the benefits associated with use reveal themselves over long term use. Because of the complexity of the potential effects, there is no single definitive guide; ozone sauna therapy is a completely individualised experience. It is not enough to place an individual in a steam sauna cabinet or tent for a few weeks or a few days a week and then try to conclusively document the effects. Therefore, we don’t place very much credence in this perspective which appears to us to be fuelled by arrogance rather than clear scientific observation and careful analysis. We point out that qualified balneotherapists are best equipped to study the effects of external ozone, as their understanding of the lymphatic system, body elimination systems, and potential gas-through-skin to metabolism reactions is far superior than other therapeutic disciplines.

We consider antioxidants a necessary counterbalancing agent for all ozone therapy. Those with extensive experience with ozone sauna therapy are always strong supporters. Their perspective, formed by direct experience with ozone sauna therapy and by observations derived from working with individuals in clinics, is that ozone sauna therapy is a powerful tool for wellness, with no risk of harming the body through correct use. They consider ozone steam sauna therapy as non-invasive, and nearly universally share an opinion that individuals should simply bulldose through what they term the “detox” effects of therapy. This perspective has merit, and has been formed by observing individuals making strong recoveries from a very wide variety of severe chronic illness, through months to years of dedicated therapy.

All of the researchers with extensive ozone sauna experience that we’ve consulted with share a similar “hold onto your seat” attitude. They universally agree that ozone sauna therapy, for those with serious health issues, is not a “pop-a-vitamin and get well” type of therapy. In fact, it’s when the pop-a-pill and get well theory falls apart that individuals are often drawn to therapies such as ozone.

Ozone Steam Sauna Therapy: What happens?

At a minimum concentration of 3% and a maximum therapeutic concentration of 5%, ozone is created by an ozone generator and pumped into the sauna. The sauna is designed to encapsulate the body while leaving the head open in ambient air. This prevents individuals from breathing ozone at a high concentration, which should be avoided. Ozone degrades rapidly, and the sauna serves both to allow the concentration in the sauna to build up quickly to a therapeutic level, while at the same time preventing the ozone from building up in the ambient breathing air.

With the ozone pumping into the sauna chamber, a steam generator is used to feed hot steam into the sauna chamber. This produces several effects:

– The body’s pores, due to both the heat and the steam, begin to open, which changes the exchange potential between the ambient gasses and the body.

– The combination between the open pores, the heat, and the ozone begins a detoxification process. Activated oxygen begins to react with substances with the highest oxidation potential, breaking these substances down.

– As the body begins to sweat, the exchange potential is further increased, resulting in increased adsorption of gasses/fluids, and increased excretion of toxic substances from the body (via the immune system regulated lymphatic response).

– The ozone begins to breakdown rapidly. There is little, IF ANY, ozone reaction deeper than the skin. Toxic substances are quickly broken down by ozone, and those which do not react with the ozone can react with the singlet, negatively charged oxygen ion. As the body sweats, and as ozone breaks down, organic peroxides are created in the oils of the body being excreted from and existing in the skin. A small amount of ozone becomes trapped within these natural oils and newly created peroxides, which provides a sustained/prolonged effect of activated oxygen. Even so, there is still no evidence to suggest that the ozone trapped within the oils actually reaches the bloodstream, or beyond the skin/lymphatic system. More likely, the ozone instantly reacts as it is freed from the oils, creating more organic peroxides and potentially releasing a single negatively charged atom of oxygen. It is these forms of oxygen doing all of the work inside the body.

– Evidence suggests that the body is very capable of utilising these organic peroxides, as researchers have demonstrated that a by-product of ozone sauna therapy is increased “fixed” free oxygen in the blood stream. The benefits of a single ozone sauna session have been documented to last as long as three weeks. Therefore, the highly reactive O3 molecule is eventually formed into stabilised oxygen molecules by the natural processes of the body.

– The entire lymphatic system is stimulated during therapy.

– The skin is deeply cleansed.

– If enough heat is used for a long enough time, a hypothermic response occurs in the body, and the body’s internal temperature begins to rise. For the average individual, it takes between 12 and 15 minutes for the body’s internal temperature to begin to rise in the presence of steam.

– For high heat therapy, the internal temperature should be monitored.

Once the therapy session has ended, the pores begin to close, and the body temperature returns to normal very rapidly. The oxygen introduced by the therapy is still very much active, both on the surface of the skin, and in the body. If possible, an individual should wait for 2-3 hours before showering, or until the smell of ozone is no longer present on the skin (this is the ozone being released from the natural body oils).

However, when therapy has ended, a great deal of toxic waste remains trapped in the body. Many of these toxic substances previously existed in isolated and neutral forms, many of which the body was previously not able to eliminate. As an example, bacteria cell walls are compromised, leaving endotoxin, and petrochemicals and pesticides are broken down. All of these substances still need to be removed from the body. Those with chronic illness, immune system conditions, sluggish metabolisms, and other issues associated severe toxicity must learn how to assist the body’s elimination functions in order to avoid oxidative stress, severe rashes and lesions, and other potential toxic shock responses. Ozone sauna therapy can break down substances, but it is up to the body to heal itself, as well as cleanse itself from within. (Speak to your practitioner about this).

It is important to understand that the effect of ozone sauna therapy is cumulative. Occasional use will provide some residual “maintenance” benefit, but will not address chronic illness. The duration of each treatment session is of equal importance.

The First Treatment

We have experiential evidence that indicates 30 minutes in an ozone steam sauna actually resets the immune system. Immediately upon exiting, find a mirror and carefully examine the body. Problem areas in the body that are reaching surface expression will be evident. One may notice large or small patches of reddened skin, with interesting formations. Common locations for this phenomenon include the chest, neck, upper forearms, and the base of the spine.

If you have chronic illness, you should now have no doubt that the power of activated oxygen is working in the body, and that your immune system has just been given a wake-up call.

Maintenance Ozone

As a maintenance program for healthy skin, stimulation of the body’s immune system function, and to maintain higher levels of fixed oxygen in the bloodstream, ozone sauna therapy should be done one to four times monthly for between 20 and 30 minutes per session.

This is indeed an interesting system not only for treating ample cutaneous lesions, but also for treating systemic diseases. As usual ozone is not absorbed through the skin because it immediately reacts with the water film covering the skin surface. Sweat and sebum secreted compounds enhance the ozone reactions. No side effects have been noted and everyone who has tested the system reports a feeling of wellbeing next day.

Steam Sauna Therapy has been used for thousands of years by the Norwegians, Native North American Indians, Swedes, and many others. Ever wonder why? Because Steam Sweat Therapy is a powerful healing and rejuvenation experience, not to mention relaxing.

Steam Therapy is known to:

– Dramatically increase oxygenation of the tissues and cells

– Increase the White Blood Cell count

– Increase circulation, oxygen and nutrient delivery within the body

– Burn 400-600 calories per session

– Increase tumour necrosis factor by up to 500 times

– Purge the body of accumulated toxins such as pesticides, PCBs, drug residues, acidic wastes and more

– Stimulate the Immune System

– Kill bacteria and viruses

– Relax and loosen sore muscles

Sweat contains more toxins that urine! It is for this reason that the skin is often called the 3rd kidney. Steam Sweat Therapy is a powerful healing tool that is rarely used in North American Society. Steam Therapy should be part of everyone’s daily health plan.



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