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  • “Yes, No, Maybe” Chronobiotic Nutrition


    Chronobiotic™ Nutrition is about being on time in time all the time. It celebrates eating foods at precise times of day for specific health results. When this system of eating is followed, the benefits are optimum digestion, nutritional efficiency, high-level wellness, and robust vitality.

  • A-La-Natural Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 700ml


    A-La-Natural TM is 100% raw certified organic coconut oil. The coconut flesh is cold pressed. Very few coconut oil products found on the market are in the same league as “A-La-Natural!” Coconut oil which consists of 90+% medium chained, saturated fat – a very important building block of every cell in the human body.

  • Activance Plus (with Rhodanide) Hair Stimulating Solution 200ml


    Activance with Rhodanide promotes healthy hair growth, revitalises lifeless thinning hair, moisturises & strengthens hair.

  • Back Brace



    ●  Using Vital Silver “Vital Energy” specialized Protective Gear, not only is your best equipment for protecting your limbs and joints, but also is the best tool for enjoying life.

    ●  “Vital Energy” back brace use the latest three dimensional weaving methods, not only wicking, deodorize, but also have breathable characteristic.

    ●  Germanium not only can releases far infrared and negative ion energy, but also uses oxygen to recover cells, Relieves chronic fatigue, and restores energy.

    ●  Far infrared can penetrate to subcutaneous tissues, can prevent soreness and discomfort, can eliminate fatigue, can raise body oxygen levels, restore energy, and the body release similar wavelengths and resonance absorption, and have warming, messaging, and healthy uses.

    ●  Negative ion energy is also called “Airborne Vitamins.”, it can neutralize ambient pressure and the acidification of position ions, bringing about coordination of the body, and causing the feeling of being out in nature—vibrant, fresh, and comfortable.

  • Bamboo Charcoal and Germanium Ankle Sleeve / Brace



    ● Use breathable three dimensional weaving methods, have wicking, deodorize characteristic.

    ● Can help alleviate discomfort from golfers elbow, tennis elbow, or excessive use of the elbow, and promotes health of elbow joints.

    ● Using bamboo charcoal + germanium fiber not only can releases far infrared and negative ion energy, but also uses oxygen to recover cells, Relieves chronic fatigue, and restores energy.



  • Cacao XP Nibs 200g


    Raw cacao nibs are jam packed with antioxidants, magnesium and bliss nutrients that may help keep you young, healthy and happy. All the work has been done for you! Eat as is or grind with coffee, add to smoothies, coffee, ice cream, muesli, cookie batter/trail mix, or substitute in dessert recipes for chocolate chips.

  • Cacao XP Powder 200g


    A healthier and more nutritious alternative to cacao commonly found in the market. The irresistible flavour and aroma of this product is like no other, making it perfect for drinks as well as confectionery, a true raw food addition! Cacao Powder is made from select certified organic criollo cacao beans. 100% Pure. Highest Quality. Developed by UHTCO. Manufactured in Peru.

  • Calm & Clear Essence Mist 50ml


    Calm & Clear mist helps to clarify, cleanse, rehydrate, tone and nurture your skin with balancing flower essences and skin soothing botanicals. Its exotic oils and essences will soothe your skin and uplift your emotions.

  • Camu Camu C++


    CamuCamu is considered a “full-spectrum” vitamin C, an all natural nutrient rich nutritional supplement that is highly absorbable by the human body using all of the natural cofactors required for nutrient assimilation.