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  • Ozone Fruit Vegetable Washer/Cleaner/Sterilizer 9L


    Model: ZA-BF Digital.

    NO NEED to add any detergent, sterilize your fruits & vegetables with ozonated water!

    Vortex water flow
    Clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation
    Fast cleaning (5 mins)
    Super silent
    Small size with large washing capacity (9L)
    Timer/digital control and basket


    1. Kill bacteria and virus
    2. Decompose pesticide and farm chemicals
    3. Remove heavy metal, hormones, toxic chemicals
    4. Keep fresh

    Benefits: keep the fruits/vegetables/fish/meat clean and safe to eat, bringing health to your family!


    • Washing capacity: 9L
    • Material: PP and ABS
    • Color:white and blue
    • Size: 390*305*296mm
    • Weight: 3.5KG
    • Voltage: 220V/50HZ
    • Power: 35W
  • Pacific Harvest Dulse Flakes 80g


    Dulse seaweed is from the North-Atlantic and has a distinctive taste and a rich crimson colour. Dulse is to the Irish people what Nori is to the Japanese; by some it is hailed as the next kale! The flakes are easy to use and suitable for many culinary applications.
    Our Dulse is harvested by hand, sustainably in Ireland, is dried naturally on racks and packed manually. It is also commonly available on the East Coast of Canada & US. Dulse flakes is one way we offer Dulse, the other is whole leaves.
    PH’s Dulse is often eaten as a snack straight out of the bag or used as a garnish with a variety of dishes. Part of the red seaweed group, the colour is of red wine, the texture soft & chewy and when it comes to seaweed in the diet, Dulse consumption as a food is among the best documented historically (for seaweed) and is often considered one of the easiest varieties for seaweed beginners.


    Our Dulse is wild harvested in Ireland & tested for contaminants.

  • Pacific Harvest Karengo 50g


    Sea Vegetable harvested from the pristine waters of New Zealand. Karengo fronds are sought after for their unique texture and delicate slightly salty flavour.

    Ingredients: Totally natural Karengo (Pyropia sp.) dried sea vegetable – free of additives.

    How to Use: Karengo can be eaten as a nutritious snack straight out of the packet and is a nutritious addition to omelettes, salads, soups, stir frys, seafood and more. Light roasting brings out a subtle nutty flavour.

  • Pacific Harvest Kelp Seasoning Granules 250g


    Kelp granules look like cracked pepper. The granules can be added to simmering dishes instead of salt, they will soften during cooking and release their goodness into the dish. The flavor is very delicate and won’t change the taste of the food; kelp will absorb some of the moisture and improve the texture of the sauce.

    There are many varieties of kelp in New Zealand and around the world, saying ‘kelp’ is like saying ‘apple’. Japanese Kombu is a kelp that is mostly presented as a strip used to make dashi, a broth that serves as a base for many soups. Pacific Harvest chose Ecklonia radiata, a type of NZ Kelp recognized for its mild flavour and speckled colour. Our kelp comes from various untouched areas around the country, mainly the Bay of Plenty and Waiarapa. It is a seaweed that grows deep under water. Because Kelp is not allowed to be cut from the wild natural supplies in New Zealand, it is collected by hand during storms when it is detached from the kelp forest.

  • Pacific Harvest Sea Lettuce Flakes 40g


    Sea lettuce is the “salad greens” of the sea vegetables. It is a leafy, vibrant dark green, with a distinctive flavour and aroma. Sea Lettuce is bright green and is often seen on the beaches or free floating on sea water. Fresh in sea water, its appearance is like tissue paper. It is also called ‘green laver’ or Ao-nori (Japan). When dried, it is very light in weight.

  • Pacific Harvest Wakame Leaves 20g


    New Zealand Wakame Leaves have a mild flavour and pleasing texture. Classified as a ‘brown seaweed’, Wakame is also called ‘Asian Kelp’ and is not native to NZ . Easy to prepare, nutritious and versatile, it suits both Asian & Western type dishes. As a result, it has built a reputation as one of the sweeter tasting sea vegetable. It is widely used in miso soup & for seaweed salads and has been enjoyed in Asia for centuries.  Pacific Harvest carries 2 varieties of Wakame, NZ Wild Leaves and Farmed. We harvest our NZ Wakame Leaves by hand and dry them whole to suit a wide range of culinary applications.

    We harvest our NZ Wakame leaves sustainably from the wild in NZ North Island and we dry them naturally to preserve all their nutritional quality. The white powder that covers the surface of the dried leaves is called ‘Umami’, a Japanese word to describe the ‘fifth taste’. Umami is actually  an amino-acid that rises to the surface of the plant as it dries; chefs prize it for its ability to naturally enhance & balance flavours in a dish.


    Our NZ Wild Wakame Leaves are harvested in the North Island of New Zealand and are tested for contaminants.

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    Pili Nuts


    Pili nuts are a rich buttery tasting nut grown in the volcanic soil of the Philippine peninsula. Pili nuts are high in calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and rich in protein.

  • PRL Galactan 226g


    Galactan™ is an immune-promoting, soluble powder and a rich source of fiber that readily mixes in smoothies or other drinks.

  • PRL Greens Powder 283g


    Premier Health and Rejuvenation Support
    Live-Source, Super Nutrition
    Greens Formula