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  • Shoulder Support


    Color: Light Grey


    • Great Compression & Support – This shoulder brace offers stability compression and great support for injuries including sprains, frozen shoulder, shoulder dislocation, rotator cuff tear, and more.
    • Innovative Fiber – Using germanium and bamboo charcoal can enhance shoulder performance and endurance.
    • Easily Adjustable – The strong adjustable straps and high-quality plastic buckle design for adjusting on the right or left shoulder, both suitable for men and women. And it can be hidden well under the clothing.
    • Performance Well – The V-shaped elastic support that can stable the muscle to have better performance and offer anti-fatigue support. You can wear it all day long and without any discomfort.
  • Sulphur Pure Organic MSM 465g


    Organic sulphur is a FOOD not a drug. Your body is comprised of 4% sulphur, but does not store sulphur nor make it. We should get sulphur from the foods we eat, but the use of chemical fertilizers we believe, has now broken the sulphur-cycle. Read below for more information on this amazing product.

  • Thin athletic ‘no show’ sock – Black


    Vital Salveo have designed a new thin, athletic crew sock. Suitable for outdoor, sports, running, walking and leisure.

    Increased protection of heel, toes, and enhance shock absorbing and durability in the sport, whilst eliminating the possibility of rubbing against shoes.


  • Vital Energy Merino Hiking Knee Socks


    Item Style: CS-7605

    Color: Dark Grey


    • Innovative Fiber  — Using bamboo charcoal material to make the physical activity get more energy and VIOTEX antibacterial yarn prevent the growing bacteria. Moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial and deodorant keep your feet in comfort.
    • Ideal for Sports and Daily Wear — These socks designed of high-density knitting and mild compression. Reduce muscle fatigue during travel, hiking, trek, sports and long periods on your feet. Y-stitch heel keeps the socks not easy to be loose and more smoothly.
    • Enhance Performance — Authentic Merino Wool keeps you warm and comfortable in the cold winters. Created with superior softness fiber and resilience having a perfect feeling on your feet.
    • Improve Circulation — Bamboo charcoal promotes feet circulation, released far infrared and negative ions to improve blood flow.


    Far infrared can penetrate subcutaneous tissues and have the work of warming, messaging, and promoting blood circulation. Negative ion energy is also called “Airborne Vitamins.” It can neutralize ambient pressure and the acidification of negative ions to coordinate body. Causing positive adjustments, increasing brain power and activity and make work effectiveness. Bringing comfortable relaxation and calming emotions, aiming at the promotion of health.