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  • Tinderbox Holy Incense


    For Peace

    Fill your chosen environment with this pure, cleansing and inspiring fragrance. Smoke inhaled from chosen plants, resins and pure essential oils blended in this natural incense will evoke a reverent atmosphere for both festive and ritual occasions. Ideal for creating your own sacred space for meditation, yoga or self enquiry and enhancing your spiritual journey.

    Tinderbox incense is also a powerful antiseptic fumigant for the air. Use for clearing.

    This incense is unique in that it is pure plant materials in granule form. Place a teaspoon of incense in an oil burner dish (do not add water) and ignite candle for a slower, economical and subtle burn. For a quicker, more dramatic burn, place incense on a small dish, shape into a cone and ignite directly. Douse the flame to create a burning ember. Re-ignite at intervals if required. You can also burn this incense on a charcoal block, or on top of a wood stove.

    Ingredients: frankincense, rosemary, orris root, myrrh, sandalwood, bay leaf, cloves, essential oils (bergamot, tangerine, patchouli, amyris). Free from glues and nitrates. Packaging: zip-lock plastic bag inside recyclable cardboard tube.

  • Vetiver Vibe Incense


    Organic Ingredients: Vetivera Zizanodes (Vetiver), Cocos nucifera (Coconut), and Bambusoideae (Bamboo).

    Ground Vetiver (Vetivera Zizanodes) – The essence of vetiver is incredibly soothing and grounding. In aromatherapy, vetiver is often used to treat nervous tension, worry, sadness, and sluggishness.

    Coconut Shell (Cocos nucifera) + Bamboo Stick (Bambusoideae) – The thick, fibrous husk of the coconut fruit joins forces with bashful bamboo to create a natural, non-synthetic home for vibing vetiver. Both organic ingredients offer longer burning life and fantastic, fresh scents that infuse earthy vetiver with bursts of crispness.

  • White Sage 50g


    Grandfather Sage – Salvia Apiana

    This sacred herb has been used by many of our native american brothers and sisters for it’s cleansing and medicinal properties. Traditionally it was infused as a tea or burned as a purifying smudge.

    Take care when burning indoors.

    Grown organically with much love and joy by Sage Dreaming.

  • Woman Essence Mist 50ml


    Harmonises any emotional imbalances during menstruation and menopause. It allows a woman to discover and feel good about herself, her own body and her beauty. Easy to Use: Just mist or spray into the air as required.

    Negative Condition:

    • Mood swings
    • Weary
    • Physical dislike

    Positive Outcome:

    • Female life cycle balance
    • Restores emotional balance
    • Coping with change

    Bush Flower Essences:

    Billy Goat Plum, Bottlebrush, Bush Fuchsia, Crowea, Five Corners, Mulla Mulla, Old Man Banksia, Peach-flowered Tea-tree, Pink Flannel Flower, She Oak.

    Formulation: Biogenic essences of the below flowers, purified water and brandy as a natural preservative system.