Waist Sleeve



●  Using Vital Silver “Vital Energy” specialized Protective Gear, not only is your best equipment for protecting your limbs and joints, but also is the best tool for enjoying life.

●  “Vital Energy” back brace use the latest three dimensional weaving methods, not only wicking, deodorize, but also have breathable characteristic.

●  Germanium not only can releases far infrared and negative ion energy, but also uses oxygen to recover cells, Relieves chronic fatigue, and restores energy.

●  Far infrared can penetrate to subcutaneous tissues, can prevent soreness and discomfort, can eliminate fatigue, can raise body oxygen levels, restore energy, and the body release similar wavelengths and resonance absorption, and have warming, messaging, and healthy uses.

●  Negative ion energy is also called “Airborne Vitamins.”, it can neutralize ambient pressure and the acidification of position ions, bringing about coordination of the body, and causing the feeling of being out in nature—vibrant, fresh, and comfortable.

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Polyester Germanium fiber 33%

Nylon 54%

Spandex 13%



One size

Generally, it can fit every one. Nevertheless, if unsure, please contact us before ordering.



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