Colon Reflorastation Kit


Colon Reflorastation is the introduction of healthy intestinal bacteria supplement into the rectum, which delivers it into the sigmoid flexure of the colon. After retention of this formula, it will colonise the bowel within three days, and it will stabilise. This health procedure is designed to reinforce the homeodynamic balance of the bowel flora. These methods are life altering!

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Why should I consider this treatment?
Many individuals have taken antibiotics, had food poisoning, or intestinal flu. When travelling in foreign countries, we are exposed to conditions which our bodies are unfamiliar. These situations disrupt the normal intestinal flora. Fermentation in the intestines causes increased bloating and flatulence. Putrefaction in the intestines is indicated by odorous flatulence and stools. By periodically supplementing the intestinal flora with a variety of Lactobacillus, we replace what might have been destroyed or disrupted. It is also most beneficial to repeat these as often as your Holistic Health Care Practitioner recommends, which depends on your own individual issues/conditions.

Procedure information:
This procedure is done after a bowel movement, following a colon hydro-therapy session, or with loose stools. Due to the small quantity of fluid, it is easy for most individuals to retain the reflorastation. It is best to retain the bacteria for 15 minutes to 1 hour if possible, as it is during this time that the bacteria will colonise the large intestine. It is also recommended and highly beneficial to leave it there until your next bowel movement. In the first three days, the bowel bacteria will stabilise returning the homeodynamic balance to the bowel.

Possible reactions:
In the first three days, 20% of individuals will experience some reaction, such as a change in the colour of the stool (yellow is a liver response, army green is a bile response), mucous may be present, or any increase in flatulence for a few hours. Generally, within three days, there is easier and healthier eliminations (ease in defaecation, reduction in gas and bloating). Consult your Practitioner if you have any concerns.

The primary importance of the reflorastation is to restore the colon’s bacteria to its healthy and normal state. Many have reported an improvement in skin rashes and bowel function, including chronic constipation. It has given relief to irritable bowel problems, reducing pain and bloating. The functions of the large intestine are many. When the dynamics are at an optimum, then the production of certain nutrients is enhanced, the absorption of vitamins and minerals is increased, and the binding of toxins for elimination is advanced. There is a dramatic improvement in chronically ill people receiving CR Therapy when administered correctly. The majority of probiotics taken orally are suboptimal and they just don’t do what can be done with a formulated rectal implant. A dramatic improvement is seen in most people after reflorastation as everyone needs a healthier Microbiome. We all know that a substantial portion of faecal material are bacteria, but clients taking quality probiotics and plant-based fibre, while consuming the same diet may double their faecal volume following Colon Reflorastation.

Kit Includes:
• Sachet
• Syringe
• Catheter
• Plastic bottle
• Brochure with Instructions


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