Vetiver Vibe Incense


Organic Ingredients: Vetivera Zizanodes (Vetiver), Cocos nucifera (Coconut), and Bambusoideae (Bamboo).

Ground Vetiver (Vetivera Zizanodes) – The essence of vetiver is incredibly soothing and grounding. In aromatherapy, vetiver is often used to treat nervous tension, worry, sadness, and sluggishness.

Coconut Shell (Cocos nucifera) + Bamboo Stick (Bambusoideae) – The thick, fibrous husk of the coconut fruit joins forces with bashful bamboo to create a natural, non-synthetic home for vibing vetiver. Both organic ingredients offer longer burning life and fantastic, fresh scents that infuse earthy vetiver with bursts of crispness.

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