Known to give great relief from any type of pain

The SCENAR device generates electrical impulses, which are similar by their form to the body’s neural-impulses. Since these pulses seem to “operate” within the physiological parameters of the body in the process of their activity, they are not viewed by the body as “alien” or “invasive”, and as such, negative side effects as a result of Scenar Therapy are virtually non-existent.


The signal of the SCENAR device actually engages the body in a “conversation”, and communicates with all functions of the body through the skin.By stimulating the nervous system, SCENAR seems to be able to help the body to heal itself.

Scenar Therapy

The device sends out a series of signals through the skin and measures the response. Each signal is reshaped as a change, in response to the previous signal, and recorded in the electrical properties of the skin. Other responses you might also find or see include reddening of the skin, area numbness/hypersensitivity, or stickiness (the device will have the feeling of being magnetically dragged), and/or an increase/decrease in the electronic clattering of the device.


The SCENAR seems to behave more like an organism than a machine – the way in which it processes information is very similar to a living system. Biofeedback is a process whereby the body is offered helpful and important information about itself to which it normally does not have access.

Conventional biofeedback devices are “passive” and behave essentially like a mirror – the mirror does nothing but reflect back to you information about yourself which you normally do not have – the mirror does not adjust, suggest, act or react.


The SCENAR uses a REFLEX form of biofeedback – it is ACTIVE biofeedback. “ACTIVE” means that the device has a changing base of processing – unlike the mirror, which simply reflects back information, an active biofeedback device will involve itself in an interaction, which assists or boosts the flow of information.


This active interaction is setup to prompt the body to identify and harmonize areas called ‘asymmetries’.


These asymmetries are areas where normal homeostasis is not present, or at least not optimal. These asymmetries are found and identified because their information signal is different to the surrounding areas or not within ideal parameters.


ACTIVE biofeedback (such as SCENAR) participates in the exchange of information in the body – as a matter of fact, the SCENAR initiates the exchange by introducing information – the tingling sensation you feel on your skin when the device is turned to threshold level is a part of the signal you can detect. It is as though the device starts off by asking you a question and immediately listens for your answer.

As soon as your “answer” is measured by way of skin dynamics (and stickiness) is “heard” by the device, it immediately makes another comment and awaits your next response – the process is ACTIVE in the same way a good conversation is active – your replies are constantly changing and so is the SCENAR’s prompting.


The SCENAR device does not treat a particular disease or a condition.

When using the device a trained therapist will have the skills to find and elicit differences (asymmetries), which are the characteristic of imbalances in the body. Simply by applying the device on the skin surface over the asymmetrical areas we can help the body restore function in the body.


By sending biofeedback impulses similar to the organism impulse at the area of the pathological focus, one can also help the body to identify, reconnect and recognize the area as the pathological focus, so that the patient’s own body is able to release certain chemical substances – regulative peptides, which in return, help to speed healing, regenerate damaged cells and eventually restore lost function.


The SCENAR is known to give great relief from any type of pain.