Colon Hydrotherapy / Colonic Irrigation

Your body looks and feels its best when it is clean from the inside out. Colon hydrotherapy is a valuable holistic cleaning procedure used to assist the body with a variety of colon-related conditions. (Click here to learn more)


The place to begin is to schedule an initial consultation appointment with Teri. This visit can be completed over the phone or in-person. You will then receive an intake form to fill in so Teri has a full history to access and determine the best strategy to help you or your family achieve better health.

Body Treatments

Infrared Sauna

Detoxify from the inside-out………Far infrared energy heats your body’s core and deeply penetrates your fatty tissue where your body stores excess toxins. Regular use of 30 minute infrared sauna therapy sessions will have your body constantly detoxifying and stocked full of extra white blood cells to boost your immune system.

Watch This Video About Infrared Sauna’ Health Benefits (FOX News)