“Yes, No, Maybe” Chronobiotic Nutrition


Chronobiotic™ Nutrition is about being on time in time all the time. It celebrates eating foods at precise times of day for specific health results. When this system of eating is followed, the benefits are optimum digestion, nutritional efficiency, high-level wellness, and robust vitality.

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Chronobiotic™ Nutrition is based on a person’s utilization of circadian rhythms of light and color. Furthermore, it is based on acupuncture’s Midnight-Noon Law, which is also based on the same circadian rhythms of light and color. The Midnight-Noon Law’s relevance to nutrition, wellness, and exercise has NEVER been revealed before . . . until NOW . . . in the information-packed pages of “Yes, No, Maybe” Chronobiotic™ Nutrition.

The human body would be in a state of total nutrient lockup without the synchronization of all phyiological transportation of fluids and solids. The antidote to nutritional gridlock is a time-controlled eating protocol like Chronobiotics™. Attending to the cellular “terrain” of the body is useless without attending to the terrain’s time-specific traffic laws.

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