A-La-Natural Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 700ml


A-La-Natural TM is 100% raw certified organic coconut oil. The coconut flesh is cold pressed. Very few coconut oil products found on the market are in the same league as “A-La-Natural!” Coconut oil which consists of 90+% medium chained, saturated fat – a very important building block of every cell in the human body.

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A-La-Natural are one of the very few companies in Australia that offer certified organic odourless tasteless coconut oil which can be used for cooking and can completely replace every cooking oil that you currently use. It’s gluten free and is great in stir fries, deep fries, baking cakes and also a butter replacement. It can be used on your hair as a conditioner and on your skin as amoisturiser or during massage. It can also as an underarm deodorant as it is an anti-bacterial.

A-LaNatural is:
Free from trans fatty acids
Cold pressed
Not deodorized
Non hydrogenated
GMO free
From fresh coconuts
Chemically free. Our coconuts are grown as nature intended them to be and are not genetically modified.

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