Activance Plus (with Rhodanide) Hair Stimulating Solution 200ml


Activance with Rhodanide promotes healthy hair growth, revitalises lifeless thinning hair, moisturises & strengthens hair.

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Activance is the latest advancement in hair cosmeceuticals to revive thinning, damaged and lifeless hair, for both men and women.

Rhodanide: The Essential & Vital Nutrient:
Activance contains rhodanide a natural and vital molecule found in all living cells (plants, animals and human life) including human hair. In 1993 rhodanide was classified a vitaminoid (vitamin like substance). Similar to vitamins rhodanide plays an essential and indispensable role in cellular activities and acts as a natural antioxidant / purifying agent. Reduced supply or increased demand of rhodanide can lead to symptoms of deficiency.

Research studies have shown that thinning, dry, damaged and coloured hair has significantly lower level of rhodanide than healthy, shiny hair. Boosting rhodanide levels revives hair and lengthens the growing cycle, immediately improving strength, shine and growth of each hair.

Why is Activance different?
It’s the quick and easy-to-use solution that will deliver visible results immediately.

Developed and patented by German scientists after 50 years of research and 6 years of clinical studies, Activance is the latest advancement in hair cosmeceuticals and the only rhodanide treatment available.

Why do I need Activance?
Your hair’s rhodanide levels are constantly depleted by day-to-day washing, styling, chemical treatments, stress, health conditions, as well as environmental conditions such as wind and sun damage. This can leave your hair looking dull and lifelss, and eventually lead to it falling out prematurely.

By using Activance, you can instantly restore these rhodanide levels and enjoy thicker, shinier, stronger, easier-to-manage hair.

Safe & natural for all hair types
Because Activance contains natural nutrients, it can be used per directions by men, women (including pregnant and feeding mothers) and children.

water, ethanol, sodium lactate, allantoin, urea, panthenol, stablilised sodium and potassium rhodanide, dimethylsulfone (MSM), fragrance (benzyl alcohol, geraniol, d-limone, linalol).

Size: Contains 200ml

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